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Radford Set to Release Sleepwalker
By: Chad |

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 Saturday, November 29, 2003

When we last saw Radford, the Los Angeles-based band was touring in support of its self-titled 2000 debut. Life seemed promising for the quartet: the record reviews were positive, their fan base was expanding, they had appeared on several film soundtracks, and spent a year on the road with the likes of Oasis, Lit and Vertical Horizon. But just when their buzz began to build, the band’s record deal crumbled under the weight of corporate restructuring. Reeling from shock and disillusionment, Radford split up.

The setback was particularly tough for Mead, who had formed Radford (the moniker is taken from his middle name) after emigrating to Los Angeles from his native Oxford, England in 1993. “I really thought I was done with music after that,” he says. “I remember feeling like I didn’t want to have anything more to do with the industry ever again.”

Locking himself in his home studio, Mead let loose a flood of emotions—anger, hope, frustration, regret, and ultimately, resolution—both personally and musically. “For the first time in years, I wasn’t writing with other band members in mind or trying to please an A&R guy—I was just creating for myself,” he says. “I hadn’t felt like that since I got my first four-track at age 17.”

For over a year, Mead did nothing but make music, sometimes spending as many as 18 hours a day penning songs. “I took out the clock in the studio,” he laughs, “because I hated looking up and seeing how much time had passed.” When he was finally done, Mead had 30 songs and a contract with Universal Records.

“To land a deal that way—with honest songs that I had written just for me—felt really good,” he says. “It helped to restore my faith in music.”

Tracklisting for Sleepwalker:

1. Therapy (I Don't Need You)
2. Dead Heart
3. Fake A Smile
4. Easier
5. Beautiful
6. Control
7. Out Of The Dark
8. Long Way Down
9. Someone Somewhere
10. Anything

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