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The Verve Break Up...Again
By: Chad |
Source: The Guardian

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 Saturday, August 15, 2009

After announcing last summer that The Verve had reunited for more than just one album and a tour, a source close to the band says that they have indeed broken up again for the third time.  The source says that guitarist Nick McCabe and bassist Simon Jones are reportedly no longer talking to frontman Richard Ashcroft.

"As far as Nick and Simon are concerned the Verve no longer exists," the source said. "They think Richard was just using the reunion as a vehicle to get his solo career on track."

The relationship has erroded so much that it's nearly unreparable according to the source.  "If Richard came back with cap in hand they'd tell him to fuck off," the source alleged.

This isn't the future the Verve had in mind when they reunited in 2007. "[The Verve are] an ongoing concern," Ashcroft told Billboard at the time. "It's not something that we're all just gonna chuck away again."

Only time will tell if another Verve reunion is in the future...stay tuned.

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I have a hunch these guys will get back together some day. Some day. They are too good to never play again.
Posted by Ricardo on Wednesday, June 09, 2010 at 11:15:01 PM

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