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Put 'em up, kids, because "Prizefighter" from Georgia-based band Bain Mattox is on its way. Bain Mattox has made leaps and bounds over the past few years which has garnered them opportunities to be on many stages with many people, and ultimately, get their face and name out to more people than ever before. Just recently, Atlanta's Creative Loafing cited Bain Mattox as credible in both the mainstream and indie realms, and the album itself is said to bridge the gap between the two.

With the official CD release show happening on October 28, at the famous Roxy venue in Atlanta, a series of release shows continue in Atlanta, and Athens, GA, from where Bain Mattox originally hails.

Alternative Addiction took the opportunity to chit-chat with frontman and band namesake Bain Mattox himself. Read on to see how Bain Mattox is definitely part of what makes the Hotlanta scene just that - hot.

Alternative Addiction: When I was first introduced to your music it was during the time that the forthcoming "Bain Mattox" CD was originally being produced. What I was introduced to was very back road and southern culture. When I heard tracks that were going onto the album it had shifted to a more polished mainstream sound. To what do you attribute that?

Bain: I think the sound had a lot to do with the band I was playing with and the producer. The idea was to go for a radio-friendly sound and that is what we thought it would take . . . polishing. I think that it has worked quite nicely in getting us to be a very tight band, and just cleaning up our music and original ideas.

AA: What is the release date of the album? When can your public finally have their hands on the goods?

B: November 1, 2005, although the date is subject to change for an earlier release.

AA: There is such an incredible amount of "the scene" in the Atlanta area. It's really astounding, and it's hard to find a project that isn't outstanding. Do you feel fortunate that you have such a wealthy area of talent to break out of?

B: I definitely feel fortunate. I am always inspired by my musical peers that surround me, and Atlanta and Athens have been really good to us.

AA: Does it ever make you feel like there's too much to compete with having so much of "the scene" going on around you all the time?

B: I try not to view music as a competition, although it can seem like that sometimes. Occasionally, I get jealous of all of the really talented people I get to see, but then I meet them and they are usually pretty down to earth, and we end up becoming friends. I think at the end of the day we're all rooting each other on.

AA: What's the focus of this CD? How do you describe it musically in the midst of the mainstream?

B: I would say that the new album is much darker than our last record, but still very radio/pop friendly.

AA: Your live shows seem to be going well, and you've had the opportunity to play with names like Better than Ezra. Over the past couple of years when you really started getting out there up to releasing the new CD, how has your crowd changed?

B: Well, it has definitely grown, which is always a good thing! Opening up for people like BTE is always amazing, because not only are they usually a hero of yours, but they also give you a chance to get your music heard by letting you open. The generosity of bands that make it to the top is really amazing, how they're often willing to lend the next guy a hand. But anyway, yes, our crowd has definitely gotten bigger over the past year. Our last couple of Atlanta shows have sold out . . .

AA: Tell me about your recent tour. Was that a new kind of experience for you? What do you feel it's done for your career?

B: Our most recent tour made us understand what it was like to tour non-stop. For any band, that is an important thing to experience because the first thing a band does when they get signed or just as they grow . . . they tour non-stop. So, we have done it, and now we know how to and how not to tour. Touring has been probably the single best thing for our career, though, as it has gotten us in touch with fans all over the place. It's a new kind of challenge.  I mean, anybody can build a fan base at home over time, but the tricky part is converting people in places you don't know well that aren't easy to go to every day.

AA: Alternative Addiction had been running a summer special that included Bain Mattox. I hope that went well for you. People can also purchase your material through the Aware Records Will you be signing with Aware Records?

B: You never know.  Anything is possible at this point.

AA: How does radio fit into the picture? Are you working with anyone like Protocol Entertainment? Do you already have any cuts that radio has picked up on?

B: Any mass media is an easy way to spread the word. We have tracks that we personally think are more radio friendly than others but nothing has been released to industry yet. All in good time.

AA: Your live show is growing, you're getting attention by winning awards like "Best Front Man" (2004) from the Atlanta Music Guide Music Awards, you've gotten some amazing slots like Atlanta's On the Bricks and playing with Better than Ezra, people have been waiting for this album to come out, and so on. It's evident what's out there waiting for you. Do you have anything you'd like to say to both your supporters and to those who haven't yet discovered you?

B: To the supports a big fat thank you. You know who you are and I'm where I am because of YOU. I would say ... give every band that comes across your nose a listen. You never know what you are going to like until you listen to everything and get your chance to choose for yourself. So go out and see a band you have never heard of, or go buy a CD that is just hanging out in a record store at a listening station. It will do everyone some good, YOU and people like me, and you never know what you just might find in the process.

For more information on Bain Mattox, please visit their official website at Clips from the album "Prizefighter" are also available at their page.

Special thanks to: Bain Mattox, Claire Ashton, and Angela Wright

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