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Rise Against
Denver, CO
The Fillmore Auditorium
By: Jason Bullinger


Currently on tour, Rise Against recently wrapped up a two-date run at the Fillmore Auditorium Tuesday Night in Denver. It was a great show with Hot Water Music and The Gaslight Anthem opening up for the socially aware and active group that’s been on a colossal roll since the release of their single “Swing Life Away” in 2005.

Hot Water Music opened the night with a strong set of loud, raw, garage punk songs. The rock vets set the tone for the rest of the night with some great energy. The Gaslight Anthem came up next and they played a more laid back set of songs that included songs from their new record, Handwritten including “45” and “Here Comes My Man.”  The New Jersey band interacted well with the audience incorporating their own take on the current trends and in music. They even mentioned their recent onstage performance with Eddie Vedder performing “State of Love & Trust.”

After seeing Hot Water Music and The Gaslight Anthem, the stage was set for Rise Against. It was cool seeing them in Colorado because the band has a local connection. Drummer Brandon Barnes is from the state. This was my first time seeing the band, and they didn’t disappoint. The show began with the band running full of energy performing in front of LED screens cycling through various social and political themes. Everything tied in to a message of a call of action as the band played through songs like “Ready to Fall” and “Help is on the Way.” Rise Against didn’t just show that they’re socially aware, they displayed their showmanship too. My personal highlight of the show was seeing frontman Tim McIlrath swing his microphone around while guitarist Zach Blair scissor kicked during the chorus of “Collapse (Post-Amerika)”

All three bands put on a tremendous show and it was a fun night at the Fillmore. This current tour wraps up Sunday, October 7th in Edmonton after the tour makes a small Canadian run. To stay up to date on Rise Against’s future tour plans, visit

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