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Denver, CO
The Ogden Theatre
By: Jason Bullinger


"We got off to a false start. We are much tighter now, so it all worked out" frontwomen Shirley Manson proclaimed at the beginning of their blistering set at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO Saturday night. Garbage was scheduled to perform in Denver in late April, but a few dates into their tour they had to reschedule due to a family emergency. At the end of the night this past Saturday, they left no doubt that they are as vital to the rock scene as ever.

Manson is a captivating performer, as she stalked the stage like a caged lioness in a circle between guitarists Duke Erikson and Steve Marker. Duke was constantly bobbing and moving and was fun to watch live as he supplies the main guitar work and a few keyboard fills too. Eric Avery on bass almost always stays in the back of the stage right next to the focused drumming of Butch Vig. Garbage blazed through old favorites "Stupid Girl" and "I Think I'm Paranoid" and layered in some new tracks nicely like "Automatic System Habit", "Blood for Poppies", and Manson's favorite "Battle in Me" from Not Your Kind of People, their first new album in seven years.

Accompanied by large black and white projection images some of the older hit songs were reworked in a refreshed way live such as "Queer" and "Iím Only Happy When It Rains" as they had a slight slower but heavier feel than their studio versions. Garbage closed the night with a cool version of "Vow" in which the begging built up before it kicked in with the audience singing the choruses.

Opening up the show for Garbage were Screaming Females from New Brunswick, New Jersey and they were excellent. They have a great indie sound and you can expect to hear more from them very soon. Although Screaming Females lead singer Marissa Paternoster has had a hard time touring after being diagnosed with mononucleosis, theyíll finish playing with Garbage throughout October before taking the rest of the year off. I wouldnít expect that to keep this band down for very long however, because theyíre too good not to get noticed by more people.

Having never seen Garbage live before, I was thrilled to see them at the Ogden. They lived up to their reputation and if you get the chance to head to a show before this tour is up you should definitely jump at the chance. The reworked old songs were great live, and the songs they played off of the new record were awesome moments in the show too. Iím not sure if Garbage will keep going after this but itís clear after so much time off they havenít lost anything.

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