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AA Interview - Satellite Stories


Alternative Addiction's Alex K recently caught up with Satellite Stories' Marko about the band's upcoming album and their plans for 2015.

9. For those who are still new to Satellite Stories and yet to see the band live, how would you describe your music as well as live performances?

It’s no-holds-barred pop music. It’s quite hard to describe really. Our music is something you have to listen and experience yourself. It’s impossible to summarize it accurately with words, since it depends so much on perceiving it on imaginary and physical level.

10. Since the band’s inception in 2008, what would you say has been the highlight thus far for Satellite Stories?

There have been lots of highlights, small and big. Some highlights include the release of the two previous albums, seeing Campfire growing such a radio hit in Europe, touring Japan and playing a sold out gig in Tokyo, headlining festivals last summer and playing at Club NME in London to a massive audience.

11. Is there any additional exciting news that fans should know about?

New album, new tour, new videos, new everything. Can it get more exciting than that? It might get more thrilling only if everyone in the music industry gives up traditional instruments and starts to use Flo Beamz to perform music.

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