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2013 wrapped up a few days ago and yes... we know we're a few days late with this feature but better late than never- it's the best of 2012! We've had some changes with AA over the past year and unfortunately we weren't able to do the polls this year, but they will make a triumphant return in 2013. Thanks for the support this year, here's our annual yearly wrap-up and your top 50 songs of 2012.


Dallas Osborn Alternative Addiction Music Supervisor
Hello, Dallas here, your music supervisor at Alternative Addiction and these are my TOP 20 songs of 2012.
1. Paper Route"You And I"
A chorus that couldn’t escape your head this year, not that you’d really ever want it to. The lead single from paper Route’s latest album “The Peace of Wild Things” “You & I” is my favorite song of 2012.
2. Gaslight Anthem"45"
The Gaslight Anthem have been around for some time now and this track helped them become one of the top alternative rock acts of 2012. Fast, raspy, classic Gaslight and a bonafide hit.
3. Imagine Dragons"Demons"
“It’s Time” & “Radioactive” have made their mark at radio, “Demons” should be the next Imagine Dragons track to join the club. Another huge chorus from the Vegas trio.
4. Lovedrug "Wild Blood"
The lead off and title track to the criminally underrated Lovedrug record “Wild Blood”. Three minutes of hook-laden alternative rock that should have found its way onto the airwaves all over the place.
5. The Lumineers"Ho Hey"
You know this one, and you likely sang along to it during a summer bonfire. An absolute smash and special track from Colorado’s folk trio The Lumineers.
6. Anberlin"Modern Age"
The song I see as the highlight from Anberlin’s 2012 release “Vital”, “Modern Age” is another standout track from the solid Anberlin catalogue.
7. Silversun Pickups"Mean Spirits"
Silversun Pickups well-crafted 2012 release “Neck Of the Woods” is where you can find this jam. It’s about as in your face rock and roll as SSPU gets and it’s a face-melter.
8. Churchill "Change"
Colorado folk-rockers Churchill look to become just as successful as 2012 breakout band Of Monsters & Men and their single “Change” is well on the way to making that a reality.
9. Madeon"The City"
You won’t find a whole lot of electronic music here, but Madeon’s “The City” cannot be ignored. The teenage French producer provides one of the most accessible electronic/pop tracks of 2012 and he’s not going away anytime soon.
10. Needtobreathe "Solomon’s Ashes"
A track hidden away on Needtobreathe’s most recent “Keep Your Eyes Open” EP. “Solomon’s Ashes” is one of the band’s finest tracks in years. A rocker that showcases Bear Rinehart’s vocals, don’t miss this one.
11. Anthony Green"Only Love (Feat. Nate Ruess)"
A bonus track on Circa Survive frontman Anthony Green’s latest solo record, “Only Love” shines with the addition of fun. Singer Nate Ruess.
12. Imagine Dragons "Radioactive"
Opening their major label debut EP “Continued Silence”, “Radioactive” hits you over the head with bass and provides one of the biggest choruses of 2012. A highlight of the band’s live set as well.
13. The Early November"Frayed In Doubt"
The Early November made their long awaited return to the scene with this track that shows off the voice of Mr. Ace Enders. Welcome back, TEN.
14. Spill Canvas "To Chicago"
This brooding track was the first taste we got of The Spill Canvas’ latest release “Gestalt” which builds into one hell of a song and should be considered a staple on any Spill Canvas inspired mix CD.
15. Ponderosa "Navajo"
You might not be familiar with Atlanta, Georgia’s Ponderosa, but you should get to know them and their song “Navajo”. For fans of Band of Horses, Manchester Orchestra, and Augustana.
16. Foxes"White Coats"
We might have the next Florence Welch on our hands with the still little known UK songstress Foxes. “White Coats” is captivating and should be a track to help put her on more radars in 2013.
17. Neon Trees"Moving in The Dark"
The lead track off of Neon Trees’ sophomore record “Picture Show”, “Moving In The Dark” is soulful and hits you with a dose of rock ‘n’ roll, which encompasses what Neon Trees is all about.
18. Youngblood Hawke"We Come Running"
An anthem that dropped late this past summer from burgeoning indie rockers Youngblood Hawke, “We Come Running” was a Top 10 modern rock song and is just starting to crossover to pop world.
19. Tegan & Sara"Closer"
The makeout song of the year belongs to two Canadian ladies, Tegan & Sara. Their catchiest track to date.
20. Twenty One Pilots"Holding Onto You"
Four minutes of hip hop infused alternative, “Holding Onto You” is the lead single from Fueled By Ramen’s latest signing Twenty One Pilots’ upcoming r ecord “Vessel”. A unique track that looks to be a reaction record across rock stations in early 2013.
Ryan Jones Alternative Addiction Director
Next year we'll have the normal polling process back but this year we've got to switch things up. Here are my top 10 albums of 2012.
10. Lit The View From The Bottom
Another record we waited forever for was the new Lit album. The View From the Bottom ended up being the band’s best since A Place in the Sun. A new lineup energized the new record. Maybe this didn’t earn the top spot on the list of albums, but it is the most fun record of 2012.
9. Cavo Thick As Thieves
Cavo returned in 2011 and was out on the road in 2012 with Thick as Thieves. The album was the band’s first for Eleven Seven and it picked up where the band left off with their last album. This is a collection of catchy modern rock tracks that were some of the best this year.
8. Matchbox Twenty North
On the basis of "She’s So Mean" alone this is one of the most popular albums of 2012. The return of Matchbox Twenty didn’t go unnoticed. North isn’t Yourself or Someone Like You, it’s not really close to it either. But it’s filled with Rob Thomas songs, and we’ve heard that guy is halfway decent at writing music or something.
7. Marianas Trench Ever After
Following up the highly successful Masterpiece Theatre, Marianas Trench released Ever After at the end of 2011 and promoted it through 2012. It’s a theme, just like the last album- this time it’s the fairy tale theme. They did it well with songs like "Haven’t Had Enough", and "Ever After." It’s not as good as the last album, but it’s still excellent and well worth picking up if you haven’t become a fan yet.
6. Green Day Uno...Dos...Tre!
Green Day’s banner year turned into Green Day’s lone dramatic year. For a band that’s avoided lineup changes and a lot of turmoil in the limelight through the course of one of the greatest runs in rock history, 2012 sucked. They were supposed to be on the road nonstop promoting three albums and 34 songs worth of music. Instead Billie Joe gets identified as a headcase for melting down at the iHeartRadio festival. Regardless, these 34 songs on Uno...Dos... Tre! speak for themselves. There are at least twenty amazing songs out of the 35 and when you listen straight through to everything it’s a giant adventure through some of Green Day’s most crazy music ever.
5. Green River Ordinance Under Fire
Few bands have managed to do what the guys from Green River Ordinance have done. They switched over to operating as an independent band without skipping a beat. Before releasing Under Fire, they released the Dancing Shoes EP, earned success across multiple genres at radio and had a hit... again on their own. Under Fire is a tremendous album, it follows up Out of My Hands brilliantly and it’s one of the best albums of the year thanks to some great songwriting.
4. Yellowcard Southern Air
Despite another lineup change, Ryan Key and company haven’t slowed down and they haven’t stopped making great music. Southern Air was somewhat hurried thanks to the bands crazed touring schedule, but it didn’t matter. They put out a record that’s as close to Ocean Avenue as they’ve done. They said that with the last record, but this one really applies. It’s not their most brilliant work, but it’s almost there.
3. The Darkness Hot Cakes
Another band returns after a long hiatus but they returned defecating on classic artwork... then they made an album. It actually all started with a Super Bowl commercial feature and then it picked up steam from there. Eventually we were treated with Hot Cakes, a modern album with The Darkness’ classic rock style. It’s a reminder of how good music used to be and how good it still can be.
2. Walk the Moon Walk the Moon
Out of Cincinnati, Walk the Moon made a big splash this year as predicted by Dallas. The Anna Sun EP gave the band loads of recognition and the right to headline- that was with only three songs. A lot of the music is crazy-random, but all of it is crazy good, and it’s one of my favorite albums of the year.
1. Eve 6 Speak in Code
How could we vote for anything but this one? It’s something that fans have waited almost a decade for and that contributes to it’s longevity. Best of all, it’s just really REALLY good. Confidence was slightly lowered before guitarist Jon Siebels came back to the band, but once that happened everything fell in place. Even the band getting to work with longtime producer Don Gilmore. Basically everything that could have went right went this record did, and it ends up being a favorite on the year.
Other Staff Picks
Jason Bullinger
1. Panic Station - Muse
2. Fire In The Henhouse - Our Lady Peace
3. Soundgarden - Blood On The Valley Floor
4. Busy Bees - Silversun Pickups
5. I Don't Wanna Want You - Harry Hess
6. Sign Of The Times - Three Days Grace
7. Battle Lust - 10 Years
8. Best of Me - Dokken
9. Celebrity - Cavo
10. The Garden - Rush
Hunter Dunn
Contributing Writer
1. "Bones" by Young Guns
2. "I need A Miracle" by Third Day
3. "Some Nights" by Fun.
4. "Uneasy" by One Less Reason
5. "Here's To Us" by Halestorm
6. "Champion" by The Chevin
7. "Save Me" by Hinder
8. "Infected" by 12 Stones
9."Live to Rise" by Soundgarden
10. "Only the Brave" by The Last Royals

Alex Kastrinelis
Assistant Director


1. Brendan’s Death Song, Red Hot Chili Peppers

2. It’s Time, Imagine Dragons

3. Never Let You Go, One Less Reason Feat. Anthony Basurto

4. Take a Walk, Passion Pit

5. Fire, Fire, Heaven’s Basement

6. Chalk Outline, Three Days Grace

7. Absolute Zero, Stone Sour

8.Enemies, Shinedown

9. She’s So Mean, Matchbox 20

10. Victoria, Eve 6



1. A Blueprint for Writhing, One Less Reason

2. Night Visions, Imagine Dragons

3. Speak in Code, Eve 6

4. Amaryllis, Shinedown

5. Uno!, Green Day

6. Cabin by the Sea, The Dirty Heads

7. Southern Air, Yellowcard

8. House of Gold & Bones Part I, Stone Sour

9. Transit of Venus, Three Days Grace

10. Invisible Stars, Everclear




1 Paper Route
"Two Hearts"
2 The Killers
"Miss Atomic Bomb"
3 Yellowcard
"Here I Am Alive"
4 Marianas Trench
"Haven't Had Enough"
5 Shinedown
6 The Temper Trap
"Need Your Love"
7 Young Guns
8 Jack White
"Love Interruption"
9 Papa Roach
"Still Swingin'"
10 One Less Reason
"The Wrong One"
11 Paper Tongues
12 7Lions
"Born 2 Run"
13 Morning Parade
14 Imagine Dragons
15 The Killers
16 Hoobastank
"This is Gonna Hurt"
17 All Time Low
"Somewhere in Neverland"
18 Muse
19 Anberlin
"Modern Age"
20 Flyleaf
"Fire Fire"
21 The Fray
"The Fighter"
22 Our Lady Peace
23 Theory of a Deadman
24 Eve 6
"Lost & Found"
25 Green River Ordinance
"Heart of Me"
26 Son of a Bad Man
"Idea of Me and You"
27 Matchbox Twenty
"She's So Mean"
28 Of Monsters and Men
"Mountain Sound"
29 Awolnation
"Kill Your Heroes"
30 Yellowcard
"Always Summer"
31 Ryan Star
"Stay Awhile"
32 Imagine Dragons
33 Twin Atlantic
"Make a Beast of Myself"
34 We Are Augustines
"Book of James"
35 Lovedrug
"Wild Blood"
36 Ed Roland & The Sweet Tea Project
"Just As I Am"
37 Fun.
"Some Nights"
38 The Gaslight Anthem
"Here Comes My Man"
39 House of Heroes
"Out My Way"
40 3 Pill Morning
41 Swiss Lips
"You Got The Power"
42 Empires
"We Lost Magic"
43 Garbage
"Automatic Systematic Habit"
44 Switchfoot
"The Original"
45 Bethpage Black
"Losing My Nerve"
46 Passion Pit
"Take A Walk"
47 Royal Teeth
48 Walk the Moon
"I Can Lift A Car"
49 Reptar
50 Motion City Soundtrack
"True Romance"
Unsigned Band of the Year: PK

Runner Up: Stars in Stereo

Runner Up: A Lion Named Roar