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50 Waiting (Save My Life)
Let Me In

Debuting in the music scene late in 2004, Mr.North made their mark in 2005 scoring two spots on this chart.  Never afraid to push themselves to the edge, Mr.North caught the ear of Alternative Addiction visitors with their refreshing straight ahead rock sound. 'Let Me In' spent two months on the AA Top 20 including several weeks in the top ten.
49 Brighter Than Sunshine
48 Let Me In
47 Almost Perfect
Ingram Hill
46 Paperthin Hymn
45 Uncomfortably Numb
Butch Walker
Theory Of A Deadman - Gasoline CDHello Lonely
Theory of a Deadman

Theory of a Deadman found minimal commercial success with their 2002 debut record, but on 2005's Gasoline, the band took their sound to a whole new level and the listeners responded.  'Hello Lonely' perhaps the most impressive of the bands new tracks revealed a whole new side of the band, and catapulted them to new heights.
44 DOA
Foo Fighters
43 Hello Lonely
Theory of a Deadman
42 All That I Know
One Less Reason
41 Daylight
Better Than Ezra
40 Mary-Anne
Adam Richman
Dishwalla - Dishwalla CDCoral Sky

Dishwalla returned in 2005 with an impressive new album.  Like their previous releases, Dishwalla experimented with a new sound and the result was an album that was not only refreshing, but incredibly inspiring.  The second single from it, 'Coral Sky' spent over three months on the AA Top 20 chart, including two weeks at number one.
39 Coral Sky
38 Bad Day
Daniel Powter
37 Blind
36 Feeling A Moment
35 Only You
Josh Kelly
One By One
July For Kings

It had been nearly three years since we had heard new music from July For Kings when they released the Nostalgia EP.  The EP was over flowing with great tracks that beg the question, How is this band still unsigned?  'One By One' spent nearly four months on the AA Top 20, and was the second track from this brilliant EP to reach number one on the chart.
34 One By One
July For Kings
33 Ten Days
Missy Higgins
32 World Inside My Head
Sister Hazel
31 Curse
30 Stars
Better Days
Goo Goo Dolls

The Goo Goo Dolls gave us a sneak preview at 2006, with this single from their upcoming new album due out in the spring.  'Better Days' is just a classic Goo Goo Dolls song, heartfelt lyrics, backed by strong melodies, and an undeniable hook.  We can only hope that the rest of the music the Goo Goo Dolls have to offer in '06 is as good as this first single.
29 Where Are You
Our Lady Peace
28 Sugar, We're Going Down
Fall Out Boy
27 Sunshine
Monday Morning
26 Better Days
Goo Goo Dolls
25 Over My Head (Cable Cars)
The Fray

For years Greenwheel's independent debut album was an incredibly obscure CD.  But in 2005 Greenwheel treated their fans with a re-release of this album, giving everyone a chance to hear the roots of this great band.    Late this year they released 'Caving In' a brand new track found exclusively on The Addiction V.7 compilation.
24 Wordplay
Jason Mraz
23 Regardless
22 Photograph
21 Speed of Sound
20 Dear Angel
April Sixth
Augustana - All The Stars & Boulevards CDStars & Boulevards

Early this fall, Augustana splashed onto the scene with their major label debut 'Stars & Boulevards' an impressive collection of melodic tracks that will immediately remind listeners of bands like Counting Crows and Train.  The title track 'Stars & Boulevards' may not have gained a ton of radio play, but it certainly caught the ear of many new fans.
19 No Surprise
Theory of A Deadman
18 Drive Away
17 Stars & Boulevards
16 Swing Life Away
Rise Against
15 Count On Me
Jack's Mannequin - Everything In Transit CDThe Mixed Tape
Jack's Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin took the honesty of Something Corporate, and stripped it down to reveal the core of what made that band so enjoyable - the lyrical genius of Andrew McMahon.  Much of the record was written and recorded shortly before McMahon was diagnosed with Leukemia in the spring of 2005.
14 Different
13 Speak No Evil
12 The Mixed Tape
Jack's Mannequin
11 Attack
30 Seconds To Mars
10 Blue Eyes
July For Kings
Without You
Black Lab

Perhaps one of the most anticipated albums of the past five years was finally released in 2005, 'See The Sun', the second album from San Francisco's Black Lab.  Almost 5 years in the making, this album was worth every day we waited.  'Without You' was just one of an overwhelming number of incredible tracks on this fantastic album.
9 Collide
8 Without You
Black Lab
7 Work
Jimmy Eat World
6 Really Bad Analogy
One Less Reason
5 Sooner Or Later
Breaking Benjamin

A Lifetime
Better Than Ezra

While the track wasn't originally released in 2005, its longevity of popularity is perhaps its a testament to how moving this song truly is.  Released nearly four years ago, on the band's '01 release 'Closer', only to never be promoted as a single in due to the label's bankruptcy.  Better Than Ezra knew this song was just too special to not give another run, they put it on this years 'Before the Robots'.

4 You and Me
3 Best of You
Foo Fighters
2 Let Me Go
3 Doors Down
1 A Lifetime
Better Than Ezra

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