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Denver, CO
The Ogden Theatre
By: Jason Bullinger


Supporting the release of their third album, #3, The Script played to a packed house of screaming diehards at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power put on a rock-solid set and left the audience in Denver buzzing. They opened their show with Danny O’Donoghue practically performing the entire first two songs (“Good Ol’ Days” and “We Cry”) from the audience. He would reach out and grab hands across the crowd and lay out the microphone for fans to finish the lyrics throughout the two songs. At one point while performing their current single, “Hall of Fame,” O’Donoghue jumped off the stage and raised his arms to pump up the crowd. As they settled into their performance, the Dublin power trio mixed a nice blend of their songs from all three of their records. They hit the key songs from the first two albums and they played some standouts from #3.

The new album has a heavy R&B/Rap influence to it, and I was a little curious to see how the new music would fit in. I was pleasantly surprised to see songs like “Six Degrees of Separation” and the emotional tribute song, “If You could See Me Now” both add depth and variety to a live catalog that was already strong. Obviously O’Donoghue gets a lot of the attention through the show, and he deserves it, but Mark Sheehan is a force on stage too. He’s outstanding on guitar and provides some amazing vocals in spots too. He’s also as charismatic as O’Donoghue, as they took turns interacting with the audience throughout the night. If you haven’t seen The Script live, you’re missing out. They put on a killer show and the interaction with the crowd teamed with some amazing vocals set their performance apart from other shows I’ve been to.

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