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Bob's Burgers: Season 3

Starring: The Belchers
The first two seasons of the show are both fun, but the third season of the show is when it really hit it's stride.

The third season of Bob's Burgers was actually it's first season of receiving a full order of episodes from Fox. Bob, Linda, Louise, Gene, and Tina are here on the third season of Bob's Burgers that was recently released on DVD and in great form. The first two seasons of the show are both fun, but the third season of the show is when it really hit it's stride. The third season has the quintessential Gene/Tina/Lousie episode in Full Bars. It also has the funniest episode of the entire series in Nude Beach, and an amazing episode where the Belcher's are out of their element visiting Linda's parents in Florida and trying to capture a crazy snake on the loose while trying to avoid a large batch of senior swingers. Season three was pretty great, almost as good as season four which just wrapped up this Spring, so instead of the typical review, let's countdown the five best episodes from Season 3 of Bob's Burgers.

1. Nude Beach: As if there were any doubts on which episode this would be. Hugo, Linda's ex-boyfriend, Bob's rival and the local health inspector, somehow gets obsessed with the new local nude beach. Bob thinks this is an amazing thing, until he meets the new health inspector. So, Bob decides to try and bring Hugo back to the real world. Somehow this leads to Bob and Hugo in a naked triathlon.

Best Quote: (Gene) I'm like the Sacagawea of Sacs!' Runner Up: (Tina) It's like the internet, but in real life!

2. Full Bars: The kids decide that they're finally ready to trick 'n' treat on their own. They soon realize that their neighborhood sucks and they board the ferry to the rich people neighborhood of Kingshead island. All this time, Bob and Linda end up and Teddy's Halloween party that's actually Bob Belcher's never-ending nightmare.

Best Quote: (Louise) Hello Kingshead Island! It's nice to meet ya, but it's time to trick or treat ya.

3. Mother Daughter Razor Laser: Being jealous of Bob's relationship with Louise, Linda decides that she and Louse need to bond. Her idea turns out to be a mother daughter relationship building class that eventually fizzles out leading Lousie and Linda playing laser tag.

Best Quote: (Linda) Ya know what?!?! Change your own diaper.

4. O.T. The Outside Toilet: Gene has long been obsessed with the size of his poops, but when he finds an advanced Japanese toilet out in the woods that obsession is deepened and Gene thinks he finds a friend for life.

Best Quote: (Louise): Don Draper looks fat this season.

5. It Snake's a Village: The Belchers go to visit Linda's parent sin Florida at their Senior community. Little do they know that the community doubles as a swingers center. While Bob and Linda try to avoid over-rambunctious elderly seniors, the kids try and catch a deadly snake.

Best Quote: (Gene) I love Florida, it's our most penis shaped state!

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