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Denver, CO
By: Jason Bullinger


L.A. based art and experimental rock band Stolen Babies opened the show and provided the early arriving audience a unique and visual treat. The stage had a few props including masks and skeletons and vocalist Dominique Perski rocked the set with her accordion often also hitting a metal drum.

Michigan rockers Pop Evil were next up and the band launched into their single “Deal With The Devil”. The band kept the crowd on their feet and fists pumping throughout their high energy set. Lead singer Leigh Kakaty played the rock star front man center stage never straying to far from his microphone stand providing a fairly impressive vocal range belting out note for note. Drummer Chachi Riot is one of the most energetic drummers out there never just sitting behind his kit but rather standing and banging on the drums throughout the set. Pop Evil is currently touring behind their third album “Onyx” released in 2013.

Next the crowd roared as Stone Sour to hit the stage. The band opened up with the title track from their recently released two-disc concept album “The House of Gold and Bones Part 1 & 2. Vocalist Corey Taylor is truly on the great entertaining front-men is music. He brings everything live including emotions of angst, melody, and depth that has is hard to find in many conventional bands. He easily channels both his raw aggression and mixes it up with his soft melodies to show different sides to his performance.

The band performed a nice set of new material from both House of Gold and Bones Part 1 & 2. They also touched on some of their commercial radio hits “Say You’ll Haunt Me” and the mostly acoustic “Through Glass”. It was not a surprise that Taylor stopped partway through the set to talk to the crowd about the “elephant in the room”. The Denver Broncos had gotten blown out in the Super Bowl the previous night by the Seattle Seahawks and Taylor has comforting the crowd and asking fans if they wanted to get out their anger and aggression. The crowd of course fed off Taylor and was the perfect transition into the song “Made of Scars” They closed the set with a cover of Metallica’s “Creeping Death” paying tribute to the past bands and how they have influenced them. The crowd left very satisfied as the performance was solid and Taylor and Co. were very humble and appreciated all the love coming back to him.

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