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Drowning Pool


Fifth album by American modern metal band and first with new vocalist Jasen Moreno - also the bands first for three years-is something of a tour de force of classy alternative metal. Moreno replaces Ryan McCombs on the seemingly endless revolving door of vocalists to grace the band and does a fine job, adding explosive aggression on the rebellious anthem ‘One Finger and a Fist’ or the grungy party rock of ‘Saturday Night’. ‘Resilience’ isn’t for the faint hearted and Moreno’s delivery harnessed to C.J Pierce’s astonishingly aggressive guitar work is given extra bite by Kato Khandwalla’s superb production and there’s no let up from start to finish. Akin to being smashed in the face with a heavy blunt instrument, ‘Resilience’ batters and bruises with its low end grunt on the vitriolic ‘Life Of Misery’, the blasting hostility of ‘Low Crawl’ and the brilliantly downbeat ‘Skip to the End’.

‘Resilience’ is one of this year’s outstanding alternative metal albums and although there will be those who pine for a return to ‘Bodies’ era Drowning Pool and departed vocalists, if you’re prepared to get over it you’ll recognize this as perhaps the band’s best album to date with Moreno in the starring role.


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