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Age Of Days


Formerly known as ‘Age Of Daze’ and with one album to their name in the distinctly average 2007’s ‘Hollywood Ending’, the future looked far from bright for this Canadian modern rock outfit. However a move to Toronto from Fredericton by the two remaining original members, vocalist Tim Morrison and bass guitarist Matt McLaughlin saw their star rise. New management was brought in and they began writing songs with Brian Howes. Three of the songs appear on this album, although it was produced by songwriter and producer Justin Forsley.
Although by no means the most original modern rock album, taking its influences from just about every modern rock band there is, this is still an album with enough great songs to hold the attention of the even the most finicky modern rock fanatic. From the Howe’s co-penned opener ‘Bombs Away’,a close cousin lyrically to Faber Drive’s ‘Sleepless Nights,’ and reminiscent of Theory of A Deadman’s ‘Lowlife’, through to the slick power ballad ‘Live Out Loud’ or the superb hook heavy modern hard rock of ‘Broken’ –another Howes co-write-this is an album that you’ll want to keep coming back to. Add to that the pacey misogyny of ‘I Did It For Love’, ‘Now Or Never’ featuring Cody Hanson of Hinder on drums and Sal Costa formerly My Darkest Days on guitar and the Hinder-like album closer ‘All I Know’ and you’ve the recipe for an album that no self-respecting modern rock fan should be without.


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