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I Love You.

The Neighbourhood is Colubmia’s latest outstanding alternative band. They’re not perfect for mainstream listening, but they are for people who really like good music. They have a style that hasn’t been done yet. It’s kind of like hip-hop infused goth-rock. It’s broody but it has a lot of soul too. They just released their Columbia debut, I Love You. and although it’s not as great as I expected after hearing “Sweater Weather” all of those months ago, it’s pretty good.

I Love You. starts out somewhat awkward with “How.” it takes too long to get going and then once it does it just doesn’t seem worth the wait. The album recovers right after that with some very good music in the middle of the album. Everything from “Afraid” to “Female Robbery” is great. There are some dull moments here and there, but overall the middle of the album is terrific. The production and the overall vibe of the album is pretty remarkable too. The start of the record fails to establish that, but the middle of the record pushes it through and solidifies it by track eight. The best part about I Love You. is Jesse Rutherford. His vocals are amazing and he does for The Neighbourhood what Kelvin Swaby does for The Heavy. They’re different vocalists, but they both have a great amount of attitude that makes what their bands do work. Rutherford is awesome on I Love You. and he makes it worth checking out.

The Neighbourhood’s new album is worth listening to. It has some dull moments, but there are some pretty outstanding moments too. You can listen to this album over and over again and plenty of songs will catch your ear when the mood’s right. It’s not great, but overall it’s pretty good.


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