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Et Tu Brute?

The new EP from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus takes the band back to their Don’t You Fake It days. Et Tu Brute? has Jumpsuit teaming back up with David Bendeth. The pairing worked for the band’s debut album with songs like “Your Guardian Angel” and “Face Down” becoming hits for the band. Now, almost a decade later, Jumpsuit is an independent band and they’re looking to collide what they were with who they are now. They’re looking to give fans the music they love, while looking to grow and adapt their sound. They pulled that off with their new EP.

Teaming back up with Bendeth worked and it worked for multiple reasons. The primary reason goes back to the same reason why Don’t You Fake It worked so well. When RJA frontman Ronnie Winter and David Bendeth team up, there’s a perfect balance between catchy hooks and melodic choruses and an edgier rock sound. A while ago, we did an interview with Bendeth where he talked about bands moving on to working with different producers after an album had some success. He mentioned that taking away a key cog that made that initial record a good album didn’t make sense. Of course this doesn’t apply to every situation, but it does apply for a lot of them and this instance with RJA and Bendeth is one of them. The past two Jumpsuit records are albums that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly, but that initial power that the band had on Don’t You Fake It wasn’t there for a lot of fans, this EP fixes that.

The new Jumpsuit EP is an easy pick up. It’s a few bucks and all six songs are awesome. It’s worth the attention and from here we’ll see if RJA can continue to release great music on an independent level.


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