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Ryan Cabrera

Take It All Away

“Take It All Away” marks the debut album for Texas native Ryan Cabrera. The singer/songwriter made headlines months back when he nabbed Goo Goo Dolls front man Johnny Rzeznik to produce the album. Perhaps his true entrance into the spotlight was the multiple appearances he made on Ahslee Simpson’s MTV show; during the short time he dated Simpson. Now with his album in stores, it remains to be seen if his TV appearances helped promote his music or jeopardize his credibility as a serious artist. From the current single “On the Way Down” and the lead off track “Let’s Take Our Time” the album gets off to an impressive start, mixing Cabrera’s vocals with guitar filled melody, backed by a well arranged piano, creating a fresh sound. After this point, the album seems to take a turn for the worse, trading creativity for sappy, love-drenched lyrics that come off a trite rather than heartfelt. None is more obvious than on “True” where Cabrera’s lyrics just come off as a typical “love ballad” and grow tiring and overdone. Throughout the album, there is an undertone that Cabrera is just trying too hard to sound like many of today’s male singer-songwriters that Atlantic Records is no doubt pressuring him to sound like. Even with the strong production and clever arrangements from Johnny Rzeznik, it’s not enough to overcome the shortfalls of this record. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Cabrera had co-writers on almost every track on his album, or maybe his label was pressuring Cabrera to be someone he’s not, but any way you look at it “Take It All Away” sounds like a disappointment.


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