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Stars in Stereo

Stars in Stereo

Stars in Stereo’s debut album is a good one. The band’s album sounds a lot like early Skillet- with the obvious exception that SiS has a female lead singer instead of a male vocalist. There are several incorporations of synthetic string arrangements and several anthem-choruses that the band leans on heavily throughout the record, kind of like Skillet. Comparisons aside, the debut album from Stars in Stereo is a solid release, and one that hopefully starts a long run for this band.

The hooks in the choruses on this album are above notable. They’re not completely original, but they’re pretty damn good. The front of the album is tremendously strong with songs like “Broken” and “Red Eyed Romance.” The way the album is written is more than good, but the vocals of Bec Hollcraft set this album apart from nearly every other rock release so far this year. With Lacy Sturm leaving Flyleaf, mainstream rock is looking for new leading ladies, Hollcraft definitely is a candidate and she makes this Stars in Stereo elite.

If there’s one problem with Stars in Stereo, it’s with some of the production. Some of it is great, but sometimes a less-is-more approach would have been appreciated (see “Broken.”) Still, this album is a great one and if you’re looking for something melodic and catchy in the vein of mainstream rock- look up these guys.


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