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Frank Turner

Tape Deck Heart

Frank Turner isn’t new to the scene. He’s been at this for years and he’s created some brilliant music. Notoriety-wise he’s kind of like a lot The Gaslight Anthem. The music has a great reputation and there are plenty of fans, but it hasn’t been heard by all of the people that it deserves to be heard by. On the subject of Turner’s music, he’s released some amazing stuff- England Keep My Bones, Love Ire & Song, and Last Minutes & Lost Evenings are all spectacular releases. His latest release, Tape Deck Heart, is his first for Interscope Records, but it’s also his best album to date.

Tape Deck Heart is an album about change, this according to Turner himself in the amazing documentary,

    The Way I Tend To Be
. Lyrically it’s heartbreaking and sometimes encouraging, but it’s always relatable. Musically, this is the best production that Turner has ever had on a record. It’s arena-ready, with some beautiful production and some outstanding moments. All of these songs are outstanding recordings, but the production still plays second-fiddle to the writing of Turner. As a lyricist, he’s outstanding, but his melodies are his strength. Nobody writes melodies like Turner can, they’re completely original and paired with a tremendous vocal; they’re addictive.

Tape Deck Heart proves that Turner is a unique modern-day artist. There’s nobody out there that’s like him, and if there is, there’s nobody that’s as close to being as good. Each generation gets one or two artists like this, someone that makes life-changing music. Dare I say Turner is one of them. Buy this album and enjoy it, and if you get a chance to see him live, you should do that too.


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