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Darling Parade

Battle Scars and Broken Hearts

It’s a struggle in rock music right now. Nothing sells and mediocre songs tend to creep to the top of the charts basically because they have money behind them. Great bands get left unnoticed when they make good records and people are holding on to concepts and styles too much. All of this is preventing the genre from taking any steps forward. Darling Parade is one of the great bands that has gone unnoticed. But hopefully that’s going to change with the release of their debut full length album, Battle Scars and Broken Hearts, it’s as solid of a record as you’re going to hear this year in the mainstream rock genre.

Before this album, Darling Parade had only released EPs. So this is their first attempt at putting together a traditional album. Fronted by Kristin Kearns, and flanked by Nate McCoy, Dustin McCoy, and Casey Conrad, it’s pretty clear that Darling Parade knows what they’re doing. The melodic nature of these songs are infectious and Kearn’s vocal on the album is nothing short of tremendous. It pops perfectly and both the quality of the songs and the group’s performances never waiver from the start of the record all the way to the end.

Battle Scars and Broken Hearts will win you over with it’s melodic songs, producer Jon King’s tight production, and Kearns' outstanding vocal. It’s not the groundbreaking album that rock so desperately needs right now, but it will settle in and should do really well for the Nashville-based band.


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