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Comedown Machine

The Strokes new album follows up 2010’s Angles and while it doesn’t arrive to as much pomp and circumstance, it might be the better record than Angles, at the very least Comedown Machine, sounds more like a Strokes album than it’s predecessor.

I’m a fan of Angles, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a shift in sound for the strokes. They went from stripped down rock to synth-infused/80’s inspired pop. It was an interesting turn and an interesting record. Comedown Machine does a bit of the same, but it also sounds more like what the band did last decade. It would actually be a better transitional record between First Impressions of Earth and Angles.

Comedown Machine is still a cool album, “Tap Out” is one of my favorite songs of the year and the rest of the album is pretty similar to that. Would I prefer to have something more like Room On Fire? Well, yeah. But Comedown Machine has some outstanding Strokes songs like “Partners in Crime”, “All The Time”, “Tap Out”, and “Happy Ending.”

It’s not 2003, it’s 2013 and Comedown Machine reflects an evolving sound for The Strokes. It would be amazing to see these songs live but that remains unlikely, regardless this is still a good album and a quality listen.


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