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Walk Off The Earth


Walk Off The Earth’s debut for Columbia Records, R.E.V.O. is a diverse and entirely clever record. There have been plenty of bands that dip into different styles recently, but none like Walk Off The Earth. R.E.V.O. has a vast array of different styles and different songs.

Walk Off The Earth’s strength is it’s diversity, but they’re extremely gifted in two other areas that make their music both addictive and identifiable. As far as song writing goes, these songs go all around in style from folk to rap, but all the songs share a common thread; the chorus. Every song on R.E.V.O. has a catchy chorus you can sing along to. Whether you’re hearing this song for the first time or for the hundredth, you’ll be able to sing along. The melodic nature of the choruses is fantastic, but because of the talented musicians in Walk Off The Earth and the fact that pretty much everyone in the band can sing, they can pull off some memorable harmonies.

R.E.V.O. is one of the year’s best records. It’s different from song to song, the writing is marvelous, and the harmonies and performances by the group are outstanding. Go and listen to this one now, you won’t regret it.


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