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Follow the Sun

Released late last year, Evermore’s Follow the Sun is some of the best work by the New Zealand/Australian trio of brothers. The latest album is filled with huge sounds and catchy choruses that equate into stadium-worthy anthems that should see the band stretching further than Australia and New Zealand.

Produced by the band themselves, Follow the Sun works by blending styles akin to Mumford and Sons and Coldplay- then mixing them up and adding the Hume brothers style to make it their own. Huge harmonies and some of the best percussion choices instantly make the album unique. That’s not just on the obvious choice, “Follow the Sun” but it’s all over the album. The Coldplay and Mumford and Sons correlations are fine but those are bands that Evermore has some things in common with, not bands they borrow things from. The influences that you can hear on the record range from U2’s stadium ready rock, Silverchair’s grungy styles (see “Pieces” to hear a softened grunge track in all it’s glory. Not new grunge that people labeled most of rock last decade- but legitimate grunge.) They even have some unique Zepplin and Muse style dramatics to complete a well-rounded and fascinating listen.

Evermore’s been around for more than a decade and they’ve sold millions of albums in Australia and New Zealand, yet they haven’t made the full impact in the U.S. yet. Through Australia they’ve toured with Matchbox Twenty and a slew of other high profile artists. With this record, if they made a run at the U.S., I could see them doing really well. They’re already getting some noticeable sync placement, they should get more than that sometime soon too. Follow the Sun is a great album and if you check it out and give it a chance, you’ll find out what you’ve been missing.


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