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Tainted Nation


Made up of European metal musicians who cut their collective cloth with the likes of Eden’s Curse, Firewind, Lionsheart and The Poodles, recording a modern rock album may not, on the surface at least, look like a wise move. Yet delve a little deeper and you’ll find that talent runs deep and rather than dipping their toe in the genre and emerging as also-rans, Tainted Nation can stand tall alongside those that have been religiously plying their trade for years.

Tight production-a prerequisite in today’s competitive modern rock genre-allows songs such as the aggressive opener ‘Dare You’ or ‘Loser’, a reworking of the Max Martin penned Lambretta hit, ‘Bimbo’ the necessary dynamics to make you sit up and listen. With vocals akin to a lower register Paul Stanley there’s more than enough hook and melody on the riotous ‘You Still hang Around’ or the gallop of ‘Who’s Watching You’ to garner interest at active rock radio yet out and out vitriol is neatly tempered by mainstream crossover potential on ‘Hell Is a Lie’ or the harmony heavy ‘Don’t Forget Where You Came From’.

In recent times modern hard rock bands have sacrificed hooks, melody and dynamics for a far colder clinical aggression -Rev Theory and Black Tide please take note- thankfully Tainted Nation haven’t made the same mistake and as such have produced an album that given the right promotion is ready made for the US market.


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