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District of Broken Hope

Those in the know will be well aware that most, if not all, decent modern rock comes from Canada.

In the past we’ve been spoiled by the seemingly endless conveyor belt of new bands coming out of the land of the maple leaf. Once upon a time it was almost impossible to keep up, yet in recent times the conveyor belt has slowed down markedly and the general standard of modern rock has not helped, with mediocre releases from the likes of Hinder, Daughtry and a host of other bands that were once the proud standard bearers for the genre. Their now appears to be a core of bands that continue to remain popular, with Theory of a Deadman, 3 Doors Down, Adelitas Way and Shinedown leading the way. It’s always welcome when a new band arrives onto the scene and it’s even better when they’re actually any good.

Ravenscode hail from Ontario and their debut album should appeal to anyone who has an album collection that includes 3 Doors Down. With two adept vocalists-one a dead-ringer for 3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold-Ravenscode run the whole gamut of modern rock, from opening cut ‘Hero’-a heavier ‘Duck and Run’-through to the immense power ballad ‘Where Were You’ or the brilliant 3 Doors Down inspired title track. It may not be the most original sound-a criticism often leveled at this genre of music-but it’s of a high enough quality to be well worth any modern rock fans attention. Major label interest is imminent.


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