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The Gallery have been building up to this album over the past five years. Nothing they’ve done to this point has been as close to this good, but you could tell that the potential has been growing. Working with Warren Huart, who they’ve worked with before and who’s most known for his work with Augustana and The Fray, The Gallery made an amazing album. It follows the same vein as classic albums from Augustana and Green River Ordinance. Restless is rustic rock at it's very best.

The Gallery’s most valuable assets come in the shape of Brendan Cooney on vocals and Ben Lozano on guitar. The entire band is great, don’t get me wrong, but Brendan’s voice is perfect for this type of music and the constant blend between he and Lozano is awesome. The other notable asset on Restless is the song writing. It’s The Gallery’s best work and these songs aren’t just good... they’re classic. For an album that’s been truly released independently from a band that’s never really been on a label, these are the best songs I’ve heard in a long time.

Brendan and Ryan Cooney, Dave Mozdzanowski, and Lozano should be immensely proud of this record. Huart should too for that matter. That’s not to say it doesn’t run out of steam somewhat after the first seven songs, the last five aren’t as good as the first seven. But overall it’s a great listen and more than worth your time.


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