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Lucky Drive Side B

The second side of Oceanroyal’s Lucky Drive features six more songs from the Bay Area based band produced by Sean Beresford. The Lucky Drive experiment has proven to be a unique a fun concept and the guys get credit for doing something different. The final verdict of this tactic and whether it worked or not is a bit up in the air... Side A and Side B don’t fit together perfectly. But there’s no doubt that there’s a number of great songs combined on both sides of Lucky Drive.

Side B is interesting because of how different it is from Side A and how different it is from song to song. Side A was a more poppy than the new music. It featured a collection of pop rock songs, and not much other than that. Side B is different. Side B has some strong rock songs. “Burn the River” is a burning track that never slows down after the opening guitar riff. “I’d Be Lying” begins slow, but turns into a full-blown rock song by the end of the track. “Receiver” is the lone song that can remind you of a track on Side A. The melody of the song is original and memorable, a lot like “Flower Bones” off of the first collection of music.

Oceanroyal is a throwback band. They’re comparable to the bands we love from the 90’s. That might make it sound like these guys’ sound is tad dated, but I can see that sound making a comeback. Lucky Drive is a blast to listen to. Side A was great, and Side B is almost as good. Buy them together on the band’s site, or you can buy them separately on iTunes for $3.99 each. Not a bad price either way.


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