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The Mowglis

Loves Not Dead EP

The Mowgli’s are all about spreading the love and they do so capably on their debut EP for Photo Finish Records, Love’s Not Dead. The group consists of eight different members and this EP sounds like it. The Mowgli’s are a bit like a modern-day hippie chorus infused with smartly written pop melodies.

Leading the way for the group’s upcoming album is this EP, and it’s got them on a great start. “San Francisco” is a blast to listen to and the perfect example of what these guys are capable of. “Time” is a simple acoustic break in the middle of the EP that’s honest and straightforward. “Carry Your Will” is a track about change and seizing the moment and it’s the perfect way to finish off this exceptional EP.

The Mowgli’s Love’s Not Dead EP has a little bit of everything to cheer you up. It can put a smile on your face, it can lift your spirits, or it can just reaffirm a happy place in life. All music has some kind of power, but The Mowgli’s have the best type of power with their EP, the power to make you happy. The music’s not perfect, and honestly the choruses or a little too raucous on a couple of these songs, but the message of positivity and hope never wavers making this worth listening to.


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