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Matt Hires

Forever EP

Matt Hires’ Forever EP paves the way for his next album, Forever. It’s a teaser of sorts with all four songs from the EP slated to make their way on to the new record. The four songs featured on the EP showcase a small but interesting shift for the Tampa, FL singer-songwriter. In the past he’s done a lot of Hotel Cafe type things with a strong focus on the acoustic guitar. The new music still has that focus, but a few new tricks are added too. The title track, “Forever” has some programming and is without a doubt the closest thing to modern pop music that Hires has done. It’s a nice new trick, and mixed in with the old style, it adds another layer to the musician’s sound. Still, what Hires does best is the acoustic and rustic rock song. The Forever EP features, “Restless Heart.” It’s the first song up, and it’s so fun and so smooth that it will find it’s way onto people’s playlists for years to come. Hires’ new EP is a strong preview for his next album, if there’s as much quality there as there is here then Hires fans are in for something special.


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