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Set Fire

The sixth album from Marty Casey’s alternative rock outfit should keep the loyal “Hammerheads” happy as well as drawing in a few new fans.

The band received a timely helping hand back in 2005, when vocalist Casey appeared on the American reality TV show ‘Rockstar: INXS-eventually clinching the runner up spot- and as a result the band was signed to Epic records who hoping to capitalize on his success renamed the band (formerly Lovehammers) Marty Casey and Lovehammers for their major label debut.

2009 saw a return to the band’s former name and the release of ‘Heavy Crown’ and now in 2012 we have a follow up that may just be the band’s best album to date.

The album is expertly produced by the band themselves who having built their own studio and decided to go down the self-produced/written in the studio route for ‘Set Fire’ rather than the jamming method previously used. The result is a tighter, slicker album oozing mainstream radio ready class. Opener ‘Into ‘The Insane(Drugs)’ pushes a punk influenced sound straight into mainstream rock territory, whilst ‘Open Up Your Eyes goes the whole hog with its huge sing-along hook. Anthem ‘Shine On’ looks like being another live favourite, ‘Runaround’ is the sort of catchy pop punk that The All American Rejects used to excel in and ‘Get Out’ is simply a sublime pop punk /mainstream rock hybrid bristling with hooks and edgy guitar. Casey’s vocal delivery gives the whole album a looser less clinical feel than many other bands within the American modern rock genre and this together with the punk tinged approach means that the band has a slightly more unique sound than can be heard elsewhere.


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