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Blue Eyes EP

Sleeperstar’s Blue Eyes EP has been in the vault for a considerable amount of time. We’ve been waiting for the release of the EP for at least six months. After a stagnant period, the EP’s out, Sleeperstar’s back, and it can be predicted that the band will reach new heights in 2013.

Judging the EP is a task that’s fairly easy. There are five new songs and “Spark,” a song that was released by the band last year after it was featured with synch-license. The five songs aren’t a new direction for the band, but there’s still some memorable material here. “Replay” is an amazing song that has a lot of legs as single. “Blue Eyes” has a storied history- it was one of the first Sleeperstar songs written and it’s one of the best too. “Love Again” is an invigorating song that’s led off by a rockin’ intro and carried by an outstanding chorus. It’s a perfect moment in the middle of the EP and it’s the perfect example of what this band is capable of.

The one thing that’s interesting with this new music is that it carries a bit of a new attitude. This new music has more of an atmospheric focus to it than the band’s 2010 release, Just Another Ghost did. If I had to pin down a specific direction for Sleeperstar’s Blue Eyes EP- it’s almost like they took some of the sound’s established back in Chris Pearson’s Barefoot days, mixed them with some Snow Patrol, and then updated them- that’s The Blue Eyes EP in a nutshell and honestly- all of those things make this EP enjoyable. There are a few bands out there that are still trying to make it that deserve your attention. Most unsigned acts that are at the stage that Sleeperstar is at copy each other or only try to make one good song- these guys don't do that. Five new Sleeperstar songs are better than two albums by almost any other band. Go get this now.


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