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Tegan and Sara have never been much for genre constraints. They’ve been in the singer/songwriter scene playing at Lilith Fair and opening for Neil Young. They started in punk bands and they’ve sung along with Against Me!. Most of what the duo has done has been a surprise, Heartthrob is no different. Polished and sleek in the ways of modern pop, Tegan and Sara’s new album isn’t just good, it will probably end up being one of the best pop albums of 2013.

Produced by Greg Kurstin, Heartthrob is still just as honest as all of the other Tegan and Sara albums it just happens to filled with drum machines and synthesizers to go along with the sisters’ addictive hooks and choruses. The music is smart and perfectly produced, and the songs are as good as they’ve always been. What really works for Heartthrob is the style of the music and the variety that’s present. The style goes along with new wave’s revival, but it’s absolutely the best modern take on new wave that I’ve heard. If you like what bands like Neon Trees have managed to do over the past couple of years, then you’ll love this new Tegan and Sara album.

It’s only the start of the year, but Heartthrob will make plenty of 'best-of' lists at the end of the year. It’s perfectly produced and the song writing is outstanding. This is an album that needs to be purchased, don't just stream it or buy individual songs, it’s that good.


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