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Wake Owl

Wild Country EP

Colyn Cameron, a.k.a. Wake Owl is a bit of a nomad. He was born in England, he was raised in Southern California, and he’s currently based in both Portland, OR and Vancouver B.C.. He’s been a troubadour with a guitar and a voice, something that’s always been at the center of folk music. Wake Owl plays heartfelt alternative-inspired folk music that tugs at your heart and taps your foot at the same time.

The singer/songwriter’s EP debut, Wild Country captures the essence of Cameron’s music perfectly. The music itself is simple but it has plenty of layers. There’s a strong amount of acoustic guitar, but it’s molded with all kinds of interesting sounds. Listen closely and you’ll hear accordion and violins behind Cameron’s unique croon. Listen again and you’ll hear clog stomping and some intricate percussion. Musically, Wake Owl’s debut EP holds it’s own, but it does so lyrically too. This five song EP is highlighted by the third track on the record, “Gold.” The song’s about addiction and personal triumph and it conveys more of a story in three and a half minutes than most artists can do on an entire EP.

Wake Owl’s EP deserves some attention. Cameron’s debut doesn’t just deserve to find a niche, it demands to be listened to. These five songs are beautiful and poignant and I can’t wait to hear more Wake Owl music.


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