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Flagship Romance

The Fudge Sessions

Son of a Bad Man may be no more and Shawn Fisher’s solo career may be on hold but it seems to have taken a very interesting turn. Flagship Romance features Shawn and his girlfriend Jordyn Jackson in a very interesting blend of music that mashes up into an enjoyable listen. Recently they’ve released their debut EP, The Fudge Sessions.

Jacksom has a background in jazz music an extremely talented musician. Meanwhile, Fisher has a history with things on the opposite side of the musical genre spectrum. He has a history with pop rock and he’s been really good at it for a long time. You wouldn’t think that the pairing between a jazz musician and a pop artist that’s seemingly been in jam bands for most of his career would work, but it really does. The two have any awesome rapport with each other and that’s the initial impression from the music, especially with “Hit The Ground” and “Hypnotized.” That rapport along with the excellent craftsmanship of most of these songs makes The Fudge Sessions a lot of fun.

I like the music and there are going to be a lot of people who do as well, but I will say that the fans of Flagship Romance will lean more towards the female genre. There’s nothing altogether wrong with that, it’s just the kind of thing that happens with love songs. When a couple make a duet album, a collection of love songs won't be avoided. These songs are going to be a bit mushy for the single male teens out there, but plenty of others will find significance in the lush and agreeable music. How good does a mash-up of a jazz vocalist and a southern pop singer/songwriter mix? Pretty well actually.


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