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Twenty | One | Pilots


After spending 2011 touring with fellow Fueled By Ramen artist Fun. and promoting a three song EP simply titled Three Songs. Twenty | One | Pilots have have a new album called, Vessel and it’s a strong label debut that blends together a little bit of everything of what the band can do.

Tyler Joseph’s vocals and rapping instantly set Twenty | One | Pilots apart from other groups. I’ve never heard anything sound remotely close to Joseph’s voice in tone or style when he sings. Combined with the percussion and programming work of Josh Dun, Twenty One Pilots is an almost entirely original sound. The band is great, but Vessel is just an okay record. There’s one or two too many songs on the album and the album it would have been better if they would have taken out a couple of the rapping parts on the album. Joseph has a rapping style that’s comparable to Eminem... but only Eminem is A LOT better at it. Joseph isn’t bad, but there are too many parts on this album that seem like he’s emulating Eminem, and it just doesn’t work.

Twenty | One | Pilots has a decent Fueled By Ramen debut In Vessel. There are a lot of unique moments, but a lot of repetitive ones too. Its the standard album for 2013; there are a lot of good songs, they don’t necessarily fit together, but it’s a fun listen nonetheless.


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