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2012 was supposed to be another landmark year for Green Day. They were supposed to be constantly on tour promoting a trilogy of new records. Obviously, that didn’t happen and two of the three albums have been released to minimal fanfare.

The latest and final album of the trilogy to come out is Tre!, and in a lot of ways it’s similar to Uno! and Dos!. The band recorded this around the same time, so stylistically the it’s got the same qualities. Punk, rockabilly, and pop, all rolled into one sound that only Green Day has been able to make for two decades.There are still some slight differences on this record. For one, the guitar work on Tre! is superior to the past two albums. There are some amazing guitar parts on this set and in the middle of the record they come one after another. The other big difference on this album is that it’s mood and tone is lighter than the other two. Granted, it’s subject matter is altogether different, but there is a fraction of a fraction of F-bombs on Tre! compared to the other two albums- and on that basis alone it's given a lighter tone.

Tre is another solid entry into the Green Day discography. It’s not an amazing album like Dookie or American Idiot, but it further builds on an impressive career. As the year winds down it’s a pity that Billy Joe, Dirt, and Cool haven’t been able to do what they usually do when a record comes out. This music is good enough that it could have been toured on for a minimum of two years. That couldn’t happen and it’s disheartening because the trilogy deserved better than what it got. Fans can still enjoy the music, but Green Day should have dominated every aspect of alternative music in 2012, not just a portion of it.


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