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One Day Remains

So Creed have finally split up. To the many fanatics-and one would assume their record label-this must have been a bitter blow. To those who saw Creed as a more commercial renaissance of Pearl Jam, courtesy of the somewhat wayward lead vocalist Scott Stapp, the end could not have come soon enough. However to rub salt into the anti-Creed brigades wounds, guitarist Mark Tremonti and drummer Scott Phillips teamed up with former Creed bassist Brian Marshall to form Alter Bridge whilst Stapp is putting the finishing touches to his debut solo album. Both artists remain the flagship of the record label. The Alter Bridge jigsaw is completed with the addition of ex-Mayfield Four vocalist Myles Kennedy.

Many will dismiss ‘One Day Remains’ as Creed with a different vocalist and indeed the similarities are undeniable, particularly in the structure of the guitar parts on ‘Shed My Skin’ or ‘Broken Wings’. However dig a little deeper and on repeated plays the similarities become less noticeable and it is the differences that make this a worthy release. Kennedy’s vocals are better than Stapp’s by a country mile and the whole affair has a more classic rock feel, with Tremonti once again given the green light for guitar solos. Tracks such as the full frontal assault of ‘Find the Real’ first single ‘Open Your Eyes’ and close out track ‘The End is Here’ successfully combine elements of the members previous bands with more than a hint of the early nineties Seattle scene. Puddle of Mudd set the standard for corporate grunge, now Alter Bridge have raised the stakes and moved the genre on to the next level. Whether they can emulate the success of Creed largely depends on the promotion that can be afforded to them by the record label.


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