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The Greatest Hits

It's surprising that this is the first greatest hits album from 3 Doors Down. They could have put one out before the release of Time of My Life to go along with the tenth anniversary of the release of The Better Life. Regardless, its here now and it' been a decade-plus in the making. But as someone who is a fan of collections like this, I have to say that I'm slightly disappointed by this release. It's a true collection of hit singles that offers up very little to the group's longtime fans. There isn't a song on this album that a fan of the band doesn't already own and nine songs is far less than a definitive collection of songs.

The three new tracks included on the album aren't bad; I especially like "One Light," but its just not enough to make up for the lack of normal songs. This band does a ton for its fans and they love them for it, but a greatest hits collection should be more than just the greatest hits these days. You can fit endless amounts of stuff on a digital release and more content than this on CD too. In addition to the hits it would be amazing to get the acoustic release again or a collection of rarities... Or even another disc would be great. There needed to be something more here. Congratulations to 3 Doors Down for the release, it really is a big deal and that needs to be said. For casual fans and newcomers you can't go wrong with this release. But for longtime fans its best to purchase the songs you don't have and move on.


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