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Stone Sour

House of Gold and Bones Part I

Stone Sour's latest is the first part of the band's concept double-album. It's called House of Stone and Gold Part 1 and its a tremendous effort from Corey Taylor and company. It's not a surprising turn for Taylor's group outside of Slipknot but its different from the band's last effort. It's a more aggressive album that has slightly more harder songs than it does softer moments, and the album is better for it. It's nice to have Stone Sour crank up the edge and play music that rivals Slipknot. Its not a first for the group, but it seems like they're doing more of it on this album.

That doesn't mean that the slower moments of the record are to be avoided, its actually the opposite. Due to the aggressive nature of the rest of the album, the other songs stick out more. While the edgy single ""Absolute Zero"" is a key moment, so is the emotionally-laced ballad ""Taciturn."" Theres a nice contrast between songs here, and this album does that better than any other Stone Sour album has done to date. House of Stone and Gold Part I is an inspired album and the first part of this concept release leaves the second part with a lot to live up to.


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