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A Blueprint for Writhing

Every band out there seeks to make a connection with their audience, at least any band that's in it for the right reasons. They do this at concerts, at the merch table, on social networking sites, and a dozen other ways. There are a few that make the connection with their music, fewer still who make the connection with their music and their lyrics. Cris Brown and One Less Reason is one of those rare acts that connect lyrically and sonically. That type of artistic integrity isn't just commendable, it's to be respected. So after rereleasing Faces and Four Letter Words and falling into the rabbit hole that is the music industry, it’s good to have Brown and OLR back where they belong... Doing things themselves and concentrating on that connection with A Blueprint for Writhing.

I do need to clarify one thing for people out there who aren't familiar with One Less Reason. The music that Cris Brown writes is intensely personal. I don't know what happened to Brown that inspired A Blueprint for Writhing, but whatever it was, it wasn't good. This release might be only six songs long but its six of the most gut-wrenching music that you've ever heard. Upon inspecting Brown's lyrics- they're emotional but they're cryptic too. The real reason why the songs are so emotional is because of Brown's amazing vocal. It sounds more powerful on these songs than it ever has before. The most impressive part about Brown's vocal this go around is his ability to finish songs- towards the end of some of these songs Browns voice explodes out of the speakers. There are also two duets on this record and they're both outstanding. "Uneasy" featuring Blair Simpson is a terrific song, but one of the best moments on the EP comes from "Never Let You Go." The song features the late Anthony Basurto from Joan Red. The talented Basurto was a friend of Brown's and before he passed away he recorded the vocals on the song while the two were working in the studio. It's a best moment in an EP that features plenty of key spots.

A Blueprint for Writhing is some of the best One Less Reason music that they've put out. These six songs are very sad and emotional, but they're therapeutic too. Going back to Faces and Four Letter Words; in hindsight that never felt like a true release from OLR. It felt like an attempt to get more fans and more recognition. For most bands that's perfectly acceptable, but for the track record that One Less Reason has- it just never felt right. A Blueprint for Writhing is more than six new songs. It's a release featuring six songs created with extreme care in the studio because the experiences that inspired them are meaningful and real. It's what music is meant to be and it’s the type of music that One Less Reason should always release.


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