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New Horizons

I understand why Lacey Mosley decided to leave Flyleaf but it really is a shame that New Horizons is going to be her last album with the band. Her vocals on this album are better than they've ever been and the songs on the record match her voice better than they ever have. For that reason it's going to be hard for Flyleaf to move away from Mosley.

Produced by Howard Benson, New Horizons is a better album than Memento Mori in every way imaginable. Memento Mori was too much across the board. The production was too polished, the song writing was too clean, and everything about that album tried too hard. It even had five songs too many on the album. New Horizons plays faster, plays better and is all around a more enjoyable experience.

New Horizons is the best Flyleaf album yet and it's a great send-off for Lacey... what she did on the album is hands down her best work. It's hard to know what happens from here, but regardless fans have a great new record to listen to.


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