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Come of Age

The Vaccines’ second album is a decent effort but its not the album that fans were expecting after an amazing debut in What Do You Expect from The Vaccines? The smart and catchy first album from the Brit pop-rock group was an inspired listen. This sophomore release isn't bad; it's not even in that realm. But compared to the first album, its slightly monotonous.

The Vaccines’ Come of Age is basically a jog through eleven tracks of standard pop rock from the UK. Justin Young croons through these songs like he's almost bored, it’s completely intentional but it’s also somewhat off-putting. As the album moves from "I Always Knew" to "Bad Moon" Young never wavers but he never heightens either. The same goes for the music. It never sinks below par but it doesn't do anything to set itself apart either.

The Vaccines Come of Age isn't as good as the band’s first album and its lack of ambitiousness is somewhat bothersome. Regardless of that, it's not a terrible record it’s just not a great one either.


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