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Three Days Grace

Transit of Venus

Three Days Grace's latest album is a nice change of pace. Teaming up with producer Don Gilmore to take a more traditional approach to making an album, the band made Transit of Venus. It's an interesting album because it sounds more organic than any of the Canadian group’s album to date because of Gilmore's production method. Not only that, it sounds more natural because Adam Gontier and TDG wrote this album in the studio instead of having everything fleshed out and ready to go before even attempting to record.

Everything about Three Days Grace taking this approach has the best of intentions. Whether it works or not is subjective, but for the most part it does. Some of the songs would have been better with a little more time, but an odd moment here and there adds some personality to the album.

Passionate and genuine music doesn’t have to be recorded outside of the digital realm to sound sincere. Three Days Grace songs always came from Gontier's core and they sounded like that. The vocals were fervent, but the music behind it wasn’t necessarily. It sounded like there was a machine behind it. This isn’t a bad thing; it actually gave the band a special identity. There’s a gap between Gontier bearing his soul on top of production that was meant to accentuate what he was singing- not necessarily add to it. The other albums are produced differently than Transit of Venus, and I can't imagine hearing the band's classic songs sounding any other way. That being said, this new album isn’t the typical recording from Three Days Grace. Adam Gontier’s intense singing will always be the main attraction with any TDG album, but this time around the music behind it has more personality. It doesn’t blend into the background; it actually becomes the focus from time to time. It’s more like their live show than their earlier albums. I wouldn’t say it’s better than the band’s previous work, but it’s different enough to stand out.

Honestly, a change is what Three Days Grace needed at this point. Every band that was big in rock during the last decade is suffering through some backlash. They're trying to evolve away from supremely polished music. Making this type of album accomplishes that for Three Days Grace.


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