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A Rocket to the Moon

That Old Feeling

A Rocket to the Moon wasn’t overly impressive on their 2008 EP release, Greetings From…. Really all they did with that EP was blend into every other pop punk band going at that time. The follow-up album was different however; On Your Side flirted with country music. On their debut album the group meshed pop-punk, pop, and country and made an album that wasn’t overly brilliant, but it was good. Three years later, a more experienced and road tested A Rocket to the Moon have released another EP entitled That Old Feeling.

That Old Feeling is a four song EP that’s similar to what the band did on their last album but with a wider range. “Whole Lotta You” is a pop song and purely so. “Going Out” sounds like a country song, If you’ve listened to country radio recently- a lot of the songs sound like that- it’s that far over in on the genre scale. “First Kiss” has a nice balance between the two extremes. The intro and verses have a nice pop-rock feel to it, but then when the chorus hits, the steel guitar is utilized extremely well giving that song a greater country feel. “You’re My Song” is similar to “First Kiss,” it’s got a balance between pop and country and it’s enjoyable just like the other three songs on the EP.

A Rocket to the Moon has really found a nice balance between pop-rock and country, kind of like The Maine and Green River Ordinance. This EP produced by Mark Bright is the best music that this band has released. Lead singer Nick Santino and co. have put together a nice EP that will keep them active for the desired amount of time before they get a chance to release a full-length album.


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