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The Connection

Papa Roach releases The Connection this week. The first all-new Papa Roach album since 2009's Metamorphosis, picks up where the band's five new songs on Time for Annihilation left off. This is a cool record from one of rock's longest-running bands and it's one of their better works.

Papa Roach has always changed and developed with the times, and impressively so. The past few records the band had settled in to a mainstream rock role, but it’s evolved since Metamorphosis. It's hard to say if the group will ever top what they did on The Paramour Sessions, but you have to give them credit. They've never tried to make that record again. On The Connection, Papa Roach teamed up with James Michael for most of the songs on this album again. It's their third record together and it's obvious that they've generated a strong relationship. The production on this record is outstanding. It's not too polished, like countless other records in this genre. And it's not too rough to match the current style of production- leaving things rough and unedited on purpose. The production on The Connection lies somewhere in between those two extremes. As far as how this records sounds, that's brilliant. But what the songs are is somewhat different for Papa Roach. On their past few records, it felt like a collection of singles. This record plays like an album more than any other Papa Roach record in a decade. There are songs that can be singles, but the bottom line is they made an album this time that actually plays like a complete listen.

Papa Roach's latest album is a winner. Jacoby Shaddix and co. made a record that they can really stand behind. It's one of the bands better records and it’s a set that can be listened to like an actual album, which actually might be a first for this band.


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