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Away From The World

There’s little to no doubt that Dave Matthews Band is a live act. When they release a new album, there’s some fanfare involved but it’s for little more purpose than introducing some new material into a live show that’s one of the best there is. That’s why the band’s last few albums since Every Day have all had their own characteristics but have still been fairly similar to each other. On the new album, Away from the World DMB takes some chances and does some things differently but you’ll find yourself thinking how these will sound live. With that in mind, Dave Matthews and co. probably made their best album in quite some time. Especially when you think about how these songs will sound live and what the band can do with them.

Away from the World has some interesting twists and turns. There are a couple of songs where there’s more electric guitar used than what we’re used to. There are some definite oddities in the melodies in a few of these songs and the production is different from song to song. Not all of it works with in a studio environment. To be honest, some of these songs are one to two minutes too long and could have done with an edit, but that’s where the live adaptation of these songs comes in. When you listen to the six minute songs on this album, you can hear how perfect they’ll adapt.

Dave Matthews Band’s newest won’t match what they did during the early part of their career but it’s still a great record. It’ll be interesting to see how what the band plays from night to night off of the new album. All of this music will play perfectly in that environment and at this point, DMB doesn’t even have to try to make that type of record, they just do.


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