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Believe EP

A new act on Eleven Seven’s pop imprint Five Seven Music is Toronto’s Romes and they are a buzzworthy signing. They show that off on their new four-song “Believe EP”. This four-piece group from Canada is part Passion Pit and the other part something of their own mad creation. These four songs are filled with excellent craftsmanship, toe-tapping worthy choruses, and layers of perfectly spaced instrumentation. “Believe” starts the set perfectly – the basic guitar opening the first verse hooks you effortlessly. Then some clap synths accompany that and it sets the tone for the rest of the EP. “Tryna Be” uses effects and spacing so perfect that Michael Angelakos would blush while listening to it. “Spend The Night” shows off some terrific vocals and uses a synth line that’s about as dirty that you can think up. “When The Night Comes” does what “Spend The Night” does and finishes it off. This four song EP shows that Romes is an act to be taken seriously. Listen to this and these four songs will be in your playlist in one form or another throughout the rest of 2016.


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