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Battle Born

The Killers' fourth album, Battle Born is the pinnacle of modern-day arena rock. Although completely different, Muse and The Killers have been the best two acts going today that make music intentionally for that outlet. Brandon Flowers and co's last album, Day & Age brought a strong presence of European flair to the Killers' collection. The new album takes the band back to the Sam's Town days. It's The Killers blended perfectly- anthem rock and all- and mixes it with what Flowers did on his solo album that he released in 2010.

This album sounds a lot like Sam's Town but it also has one distinct difference. The electronic work has been updated. It's been updated with some modern trends; the 16-bit audio samples that I Fight Dragons perfected are implemented well here. The electronics are a bit different, but Flowers vocal remains unchanged. It's powerful and swoops in grand fashion here just like it always has. In fact, it might have gotten better over the years, something that's somewhat rare as vocalists advance in age. He vocal power is terrific, but the songs are better than they were on the last album. There are changes of pace, peaks and valleys, and all-in-all it's just a complete album experience.

Battle Born further establishes why The Killers are in the upper echelon of rock bands right now. It's a tremendous album and one that will have some real staying power. “Miss Atomic Bomb,” “Runaways,” and three other songs will become fan favorites- something that's pretty rare for a fourth album.


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