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Hallelujah EP

An independent release for SafetySuit on their newly formed Arena Complex Records, the band just put out a short four song EP featuring Leonard Cohen’s classic song, “Hallelujah.” The Hallelujah EP, features four different songs from the group that are oddities but still great listens.

The band’s cover of the Cohen song is the clear highlight of the EP. Normally a somber song, SafetySuit’s cover of the track is hopeful and uplifting. It’s not a better version of the Cohen’s classic, it just sounds altogether different. If it weren’t so immediately recognizable by the lyrics then it would sound like a completely different song. In addition to the cover song, the band also did an acoustic version of their hit, “Let Go.” It’s another interesting contrast to the original version of the song. The original version of the song is very polished, so hearing it in an acoustic form also makes it sound like a different piece. On top of those two songs there’s a wedding version of “Never Stop” and an orchestral version of “Anywhere But Here.”

There’s a nice cluster of oddities on this EP. It’s not a groundbreaking release for the band but it’s a good release of new music, something their fans will appreciate.


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