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The Avett Brothers

The Carpenter

The Avett Brothers’ The Carpenter is another masterful piece of folk-rock from this group. Known for their charismatic live show, The Avett Brothers delivered a new album that will add to every facet of their performances and give their group of fans another album to play over and over again.

The Carpenter is the band’s second album that was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin and in that aspect it’s excellent. But oddly enough, it’s not the biggest stand-out. There’s not a trait that stands out over anything else on this record. The production is steady and perfect, as are all of the brothers’ songs this time around. Ranging from the quiet and sad, (“The Once and Future Carpenter”) to the saucy and spirited (“Pretty Girl from Michigan) - you can’t ask for anything more sincere in production, instrumentation, lyrics, or vocals- everything to do with all of these songs on this album are as good as they can be. It’s still not for everyone but if you’ve ever enjoyed anything that resembles alt-country then this record is for you.

If you liked I And Love You ,then you’ll worship The Carpenter. It’s a remarkable piece of music for anybody who even casually likes this particular genre. The Avett Brothers’ songs are better than ever, and Rubin’s production with this album is better than what it was on their last record together. Whether the songs are soft or lively- there’s a craft here in every phase that’s amazing to sit back and enjoy.


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