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Night Visions

Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons made one of the better records of 2012. Following up, or rather adding to The Continued Silence EP, Imagine Dragons' Night Visions had one big goal. It was to take the songs from the EP, add a few more to make an album, then make it sound like one cohesive piece of music. The result is Night Visions, a terrific album. They achieved that goal, and they crushed a few others too.

With the EP, we got a great sampling of what this band had to offer. They're like Rusted Root blended with hip hop rhythms. Obviously, we've heard four of these songs before from the EP- "Radioactive," "Demons," "It's Time," and "On Top of the World." All four of those songs are solid songs, but there are just as many new songs on this album that are just as good. "Tip-Toe (it's an older song but still great)," "Amsterdam," "Bleeding Out," and "Underdog" are all outstanding. The rhythm section is the highlight on most of the songs but Reynolds' vocals are an important cog too. He's got a wonderful voice that's unconventional and a little mysterious too. Musically, almost everything that the band did on this album was excellent. Its an impressive feat because while Alex Da Kid produced half of the album, the band produced the other half of this themselves.

There are going to be other releases this month but it's doubtful they'll be better than this one. It's a sure-thing if you're a fan of alternative music. It's original vocally and musically and altogether a good release. The EP is fine, but if you haven't heard it, skip it and pick this up.


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